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The Dig That Garden website has been developed by Pete and Davina Turner. We live in a 17th century cottage in the East Yorkshire village of Seaton Ross about 13 miles from York. Five years ago we moved from a a fairly small but perfectly formed garden to pretty much a blank canvas of just under an acre. We are both passionate about gardening and have been keen gardeners for more than 25 years in the various places we have lived around Yorkshire. The man of the house works in the Electronics Department at York University and the lady (ha) has worked for Rolawn Ltd for the best part of the past 12(ish) years, firstly as Distribution Manager, then as Company Secretary, so she knows all about making sure that turf and bulk products are delivered on time throughout the UK. She is also Company Secretary for Hallstone Developments Ltd who sell a range of aggregates via their website, HallstoneDirect. We'd always aspired to a large garden but thought while working full time that it was probably impractical but now we have one and are doing it justice. From growing veg in containers we now have a substantial vegetable plot and order seeds yearly from Thompson and Morgan and Suttons. Re-started the Blog after some technical hitches, i.e. spam.  Check here to see what we're up to throughout the year.  We'll also try to update you on developments over the last 5 years. The motivation behind Dig That Garden is to try and make a bit of money from the advertisers but also to create a true Internet Garden Centre which we don’t think has really been done successfully yet. Cookies will be stored but they are harmless and are only to track our site when you make a purchase so that we get paid a teeny bit of commission.  As the site develops we hope the ‘information’ element will become more and more comprehensive so that people will come to Dig That Garden as their first reference point to answer all their gardening questions. To this end if anyone wants to suggest how we can improve things then please let us know by clicking the 'contact us' links on any of our pages. Thanks for visiting us at Dig That Garden.

Pete and Davina
September 2012